Getting Started

Install Krill from the Installation page.

You can create a hello world program by creating a file on disk with the following contents.

print "Hello, World!"

Run the file with krill You should see the text output to the console.

Using the repl

You can start a Krill repl by running the krill command with no arguments.

$ krill

 |  ._ o | |
 |< |  | | |

 Krill 0.1.0

In the repl you can type single line expressions which are evaluated immediately. Try it out with hello world.

λ print "Hello, World!"
Hello, World!

Repl commands are prefixed with the dot .. For example, some of the commands are:

.quitQuit the repl
.helpShow the repl help.
.load [file]Load a [file] into repl.
.clear [name]Clear variable [name] from the environment

Head to the examples page to learn more!