If you are on macOS, install Krill with Homebrew.

brew tap coffee-cup/krill
brew install krill

Run krill --help to check its installed.

If you are on another platform, download the binary or build it from source.

Building from source

Build it yourself with Haskell.

  1. Install Stack, which we will use to compile the Haskell code.
  2. Clone the repository and cd into the directory.
  3. Run stack setup to download the correct version of GHC.
  4. Run stack install --local-bin-path=out/build to build the application.
  5. Copy the application binary at out/build/krill to wherever you need it to go.


Running krill with no arguments will launch a repl. In the repl you can evaluate expressions. Repl specific commands are prefixed with a dot (.). .help will show a list of available commands. Exit the repl with .q.

Run a file

You can run a file with krill path/to/